"We believe that satisfying customers is the only way to have a major lasting impact on the retail industry."

The SM Hypermarket was started by the Sy family back in 2001 in response to the constant need of consumers for a holistic shopping experience.  The concept behind the creation of a new retail format – which is what is now known as a “hypermarket retail format” – is to combine the features of a supermarket with those of a department store.  The principal aim of this venture is to provide the consumer with a one-stop shop where most shopping needs will be satisfied all in one go.

Today, the SM Hypermarket is a full-fledged business entity within the SM Group of Companies.  For one, it has been successful in creating the convenience of having a first-rate indoor wet market as well as a food and general merchandise store in all of the Hypermarkets.  Various shops providing diverse services like a bills payment booth and a foreign exchange center, Western Union, and Watsons blanket the whole establishment along with other regular Hypermarket stores.  It is also continually introducing new concepts to enhance and constantly reinvigorate the shopping experience in the Hypermarkets.

Prominent establishments within the Hypermarkets include specialty stalls like the chicken rotisserie nook and the bakery stand – both of which serve freshly roasted chicken and thousands of freshly baked pan de sal, ensaymada, and other types of bread daily.  Hypermarket services also include Taste Asia – a novel outlet which offers dampa-style dining in addition to full-service convenience.  Moreover, an innovative feature of the Hypermarkets is the “takal-takal” section, which enables the consumers to choose the ingredients they want, at the quantities they prefer, and at the price they can afford.

Having performed beyond expectations, the growth of the SM Hypermarket is only inevitable.  At present, SM Hypermarket operates 19 stores, most of which are in Metro Manila.  As such, in order to maintain constant supply of the various products and items within the Hypermarkets, relationships with competent suppliers and producers are perpetually being maintained and forged.  Furthermore, as a testament to its commitment to quality, SM Hypermarket administers only the strictest supplier selection standards in order to guarantee that only the freshest produce and products of the highest quality are offered.  As a result, a customer in the FRESH section of the Hypermarket, for example, would be sure to find only the freshest catch of the day.

As a measure of its concern for its business partners, the relationship of SM Hypermarket with its suppliers and concessionaires goes beyond the contract.  Business partners within the Hypermarket are also given adequate support in terms of quality control and customer service training.  As SM Hypermarket recognizes that there is more to business than business transactions, it ensures that its suppliers – both old and new – get equal opportunity to showcase the quality of their products within the Hypermarkets.

Lastly, SM Hypermarket values employee improvement.  After all, the employees of SM Hypermarket are its single biggest asset.  With this in view, due emphasis is placed on continuous training and employee empowerment.  Substantial investments in proactive training seminars continue to broaden the horizons of the employees and which, in turn, allow them to push past their own boundaries.

Through all of this, one thing is certain: SM Hypermarket ardently aims to be the PLACE to SHOP, the PLACE to SELL, and the PLACE to WORK.


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